Thursday, 1 March 2012


Delicious dough tipat cantok offer a festive flavor, but the price remains affordable. Cheap food vendors is very easy to find in many corners of the city of Bali.

Tipat cantok is a very popular food. No wonder when stalls selling tipat cantok very easy to find in Bali. Cantok tipat dough flavor offers a very festive flavor plus a very crispy crackers and savory ingredients and materials used vary widely, like gado-gado.

The basic ingredients are used, namely tipat rice cake, tofu, and vegetable sprouts. While herbs are used, ie chili, onion, garlic, mashed banana, and fried beans.

How to make it very easy, the ingredients poured into a pestle and mortar like hotcakes, onion seasoning, and a banana that was mashed. Next, grind and add a little water to make it more subtle. Once the seasoning is ready, and know tipat cut, plus vegetables sprouts. Then, stir until smooth. To make it more palatable, add the soy sauce. Tipat cantok was ready to be served.

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